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You decide. Choose how much you want to invest and your desired profit end let our trading bot do the hard work.

Our trading bot will perform all the necessary tasks to run your trade, placing buy and sell orders and checking until it's done.

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Reap the profits. You can withdraw your money either every hour or day depending on the plan you have chosen.

About our company

The oxeninvest.com company is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant - an easy-to-use trading platform that helps people earn small profits many times per hour or a day, every day. oxeninvest.com monitors major exchanges and performs technical analysis to find investment opportunities. With only a few clicks every user of our programme can enter the world of profitable trades that are fully automated to take away any chance of losing any of your valuable investment. Once the trade is started, oxeninvest.com will monitor it for you, automating the process. We enable anyone, regardless of trading expertise, to start profiting from the global cryptocurrency market. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Total accounts: 443
Total deposited: $ 133090.59
Total withdraw: $ 81524.80
Running days: 11
Investment offers from our company
Plan One
Plan Percent: 200% After 1 day
Plan Terms: After 1 Day
Min - Max Deposit: $5 - $5000
Total Return: 200% Total Return
Plan Two
Plan Percent: 470% After 3 days
Plan Terms: After 3 Days
Min - Max Deposit: $10 - $1000
Total Return: 470% Total Return
Plan Three
Plan Percent: 720% After 5 days
Plan Terms: After 5 Days
Min - Max Deposit: $10 - $1000
Total Return: 720% Total Return
Plan Four
Plan Percent: 1105% After 1 day
Plan Terms: After 7 Days
Min - Max Deposit: $100 - $1000
Total Return: 1105% Total Return
Plan Five
Plan Percent: 1510% After 10 days
Plan Terms: After 10 Days
Min - Max Deposit: $100 - $1000
Total Return: 1510% Total Return
Plan Six
Plan Percent: 1800% After 15 days
Plan Terms: After 15 Days
Min - Max Deposit: $100 - $1000
Total Return: 1800% Total Return
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The risk-free investments are guaranteed by unique technological and logistics solutions from our company.

Long-term approach

We understand the value of long-term relationships. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor for the next generation and beyond.


We are experienced wealth managers with years of combined expertise at top private banks in meeting the needs of families with complex, cross-border structures and assets.


At a time when many public organizations are concerned about the legal and financial stability of their financial business partners, oxeninvest.com is a solid, trusted, accountable partner.


We’ve made significant investments to build a state-of-the-art security platform. The results: high-performance online connectivity; the highest levels of encryption; and lock-tight physical, information and platform security.


We strive to provide a high level of personal service. We combine global expertise with the personalized service only a boutique firm can provide.

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